Monday, April 22, 2013

Tool #7

1. The content objective for this post would be as follows:
    The student will be able to attain the data for multiple generations to determine the genetic traits tha appear due to natural selection and this would include sharing data with multiple classes of teachers.
2. Content objective - Students will average the number of genetic traits that appear due to genetic variation in a large population that includes data from six classes of Mr. Stachowiak's' data, six classes of another science teachers data and two classes of another science teachers data.  This will allow the students to view a wider range of data to determine how physical traits change over a generation in a lab experiment.
B.  The natural selection lab activity will occur in the third week of the second semester.
C. I would share the data among teachers with Today's meet. Each class for each teacher could post a data table that would be accessible to my classes.  The students would tally the data and create a master table to include the data for each teacher to make the data more accurate since there would be about 300 students participating in the data survey.
D. In the natural selection experiment, students must pick a certain color bean to survive the generation or they die.  This data could be accumulated by class and then posted on Today's meet.  I could view the other teacher's data by logging onto their classes and having my students record the accumulated data for each teacher.
E. To be successful on this project, I would need the name of the posted classes for each teacher as they log onto Today's Meet and post their data.  We would need to keep the data for an extended period like a month so that students that are absent have access to the data.

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