Saturday, April 20, 2013

Post #11

1. The favorite tools I found were; simply learning how to make a blog, the makebeliefcomic strip, wallwisher and the PhET site for science lessons. I would like to use the comic strip activity for an environmental project in the Pre-AP classes. Students would need to identify a problem, illustrate the problem and finally illustrate consequences and possible solutions. 
2. I think the major change in my classroom will be to simply have the technology equipment available for the students when we need it. My vision has changed, I would like to make the time to actually try some of the tools in my class. The biggest problem is that the students are probably going to know more about using the technology and be more proficient than I am. I'm OK with this, I know the science, they know the technology so maybe we can teach each other. 
3. I guess the biggest surprise was the amount of material available for students and teachers. It almost seems like there is too much material. Students and teachers need to learn to sort the important and correct material from the "fluff" material.

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